iPhone 11 Series: Beyond the Box Trade-in Program

grabbed from apple.com
Excited to own the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max? Beyond the Box got you covered with their hottest iPhone 11 series trade-in program.

Beyond the Box is offering 2019 iPhone 11 series at 50% off the original price by trading-in your old iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhoneXS Max from October 25, 2019 to November 30, 2019. Yes, you read it right! Discount is as much as 50% on the SRP of these newest and most advanced iPhones yet. A 10% discount on 3rd party accessories can also be granted during the promo period. 

All working mobile phones and tablets, Android or Apple, are eligible for the trade-in. You are also allowed to trade-in up to 5 mobile devices. The Apple Experts will assess and estimate the price depending on the phone’s condition.

iPhone 11 series Beyond the Box

grabbed from Beyond the Box

If your phones or tablets are not on the list above, worry no more as Beyond the Box is regularly updating the list so expect more devices to be included soon. You can also visit their branches to know more about this trade-in program.

So, what are the trade-in requirements?

  1. 1 valid Government issued ID with full name, address, photo and date of birth (valid passport, driving license and identification card)
  2. Device for trade-in
  3. Device accessories if applicable

Do not forget to back up your data as Beyond the Box will not be liable for any loss of data. Then, erase all your personal data, remove your iCloud account, deactivate ‘Find my iPhone’ feature and reset.

One more thing, remaining balance may be paid through available payment options including installment payment up to 24 months with 0% interest via these banks – BPI, Citibank, Metrobank, HSBC, Unionbank, and PNB. And only HSBC offers installment up to 36 months with 0% interest from October 25, 2019 – November 25, 2019.

Still undecided? Check Beyond the Box for more info.

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  1. Searcy says:

    Great post. Just got a new phone or this would be great.

  2. Joanna says:

    This sounds like a great deal. When I bought my Samsung S10 I could have traded back my old phone as well, but I didn’t because of the files in it.

  3. Kristin says:

    Good to know for future reference (and phones). I just got a new phone, but will keep in mind for other family member’s phones.

  4. Play2WinApps says:

    great review for those of us maybe looking to purchase this very item!

  5. This is great info to read before getting the new Iphone!

  6. Ch. Nikhila says:

    Really helpful cause I’m planning to buy a new iPhone sooner or later. Thank you.

  7. aisasami says:

    Neat info on the new iPone. I am not thinking of getting one right away but will keep this info in mind when I do!

  8. Vasundhra says:

    Trade-in options are definitely a better way to recycle e-waste and not let such costly devices actually get ‘wasted’. And ofcourse the feasibility increases.

  9. that camera looks insane ?

  10. Maysz says:

    Nice review about iPhone 11 How I wish I have a budget to buy this latest Iphone11 great post!

  11. I really love this phone. But it’s to expensive and I really need to make savings and buy this one soon. Thanks for this review.

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